Business Licensing

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For all questions regarding Business Licensing, contact the City Clerk's Office
719-385-5901, option 1 · Fax: 719-385-5114  ·
30 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 101, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

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City Massage Business License Requirement Notice

On May 10, 2022, the City Council of Colorado Springs passed Ordinance 22-30. This Ordinance states that on or after September 1, 2022, it shall be unlawful for any person to operate a massage business without possessing a valid massage business license for each premises where the massage business operates. 

If you or the business meets the exemption qualifications listed in City Code 2.3.105(A-I), you do not need to submit the application for the Massage Business License or Exemption for Self-Employed Massage Therapists. 

If you are a self-employed massage therapist operating in a business location that meets the criteria listed in City Code 2.3.105(J), you will need to submit a self-employment exemption application.  Written public comments regarding the proposed rules for this type of exemption from Massage Business licensing for a business premises operated by a self-employed massage therapist should be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office via mail, email, fax, or in person by 5:00 P.M. on July 16, 2022.

The following documentation regarding Massage Business Licensing and Exemptions should be reviewed before submitting any application.  Links to the online and paper applications for Massage Businesses will be available on this page after July 1, 2022.

City + State Licensing (dual jurisdiction / statutory regulated licenses)

General Business Licensing

Other than Liquor and Beer Licensing and Marijuana Licensing, only those business types listed on the left menu require a business license issued by the City Clerk's Office. Businesses not listed may require other state or local government approval, permits or licenses. The Business License Overview document provides a summary of the required documentation for the separate types of general business licenses.

Select a license type from the menu for additional information.

Fees and Payment

  • The City Clerk's Office is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
  • Most Business License fees are $110 annually. Refer to City Code below or specific license page for details.
  • For most Business Licenses, the fee for late renewal is 50% of the license fee in addition to the license fee
  • Required background check for Private Security Officers and several other licenses is an additional $7

Applications and City Code

City Code Chapter 2, Article 1 pertains to all Business Licenses

For detailed information regarding a specific license type, select your desired license type from the menu on the left. Each page contains application forms, fees, City Code, and additional information for each license type.

Online Application Portal

The City Clerk’s office is pleased to offer you access to our licensing services online. We will start by offering licensing services online for Security and Contractors. By creating an account, you will be able to view and apply for Alarm, Bicycle-Share, Concrete, Excavation, General Tree Service, Limited Tree Service, Pawnbroker, Pedal-Cab Agency, Pedal-Cab Driver, Mobile Food Vendor, Security Agency, and Security Guard license types.  You will also be able to check the status of pending request, access payment information, and much more

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