Cemetery Fees and Charges

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Please feel free to discuss with our caring professional staff the convenient payment plans on before-need purchases that are available. Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your final arrangements have been completed and that your loved ones can easily carry out your wishes.

Whether your needs are immediate due to a death or you are considering before-need purchase for yourself, let us assist you and your family with your arrangements.

As custodians of the cemeteries, the City of Colorado Springs embraces its responsibility to preserve the rich history contained at Evergreen and Fairview.

Most cemetery blocks are endowed, meaning the purchasers paid for perpetual care of these grave sites. Created in the early 1900's, the perpetual care fund encompasses the mowing, watering, and fertilizing of grave sites. Monument maintenance is the responsibility of the purchasers and their heirs.

The Cemetery Enterprise pre-sells grave spaces, niches, opening and closing fees, and select burial vaults for those desiring to lock in burial costs before need.

We also sell grave spaces and niches over time with a contract that requires $100 down payment per space, or niche, a 10% administration fee and quarterly payments ending in one year. No burials or interments may occur until a space or niche is paid in full. All pre-need services require space or niche ownership. All Cemetery fees must be paid before burials. The Cemetery Enterprise does not accept insurance consignments, promissory notes or other agreement instruments.

Current Fees and Charges 

For Transfer of Space info please and questions or comments, contact PRCSCemetery@coloradosprings.gov