Wildfire Emergency Planning

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Being prepared is everyone’s job because a wildfre can happen when you least expect it. Being prepared and knowing what to do can greatly reduce the fear and anxiety that accompany an emergency.

Get a Kit

  • Plan for 72 hours.
  •  Basic survival needs for you and your family.
  • Take into consideration any special needs such as infants, elderly, and persons with disabilities.
  • Store your emergency supplies in one location that is relatively safe, yet easily accessible and portable.

Make A Plan

Your family may not be together when a wildfre occurs so it is important to make plans in advance.

  • Have a household meeting to discuss and develop an emergency plan. Then, practice your plan.
  • Post emergency phone numbers by every phone and program numbers into cell phones.
  • Pre-determine a family meeting place.
  • Know two ways out of your neighborhood.

Be Informed

  • Meet with neighbors to plan how you can work together.
  • Know-how and when to turn of all your utilities at main switches.
  • Make plans for children at home if parents cannot return home.

Preventative Actions

If you become aware of a wildfire event, but your area is not yet directly affected, you may have time to take some action to increase your home’s survivability.
Attach garden hoses to reach around the entire house

  • Close windows and doors.
  • Turn all lights on
  • Place a ladder against the house.
  • Move furniture to the interior of rooms away from windows and open curtains.
  • Fill sinks and tubs with water.

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