Hillside Community Project


Project Overview

An action plan to rehabilitate the Leon Young Pavilion at South Shooks Run Park is complete, thanks to a community-driven effort. The revitalization will include a memorial honoring Leon Young, the city’s first and only black mayor and vice mayor. Improvements at the Leon Young Pavilion were made possible by a Community Development Block Grant and a grant from The Colorado Trust.

Project Update

Rehabilitation on the Leon Young Pavilion is nearly complete. A final wood staining application is expected to be applied by the end of 2020.  The area is now open for use by the community.  

Improvements include new concrete picnic pads, tables, benches, trash cans, lighting, a small event electrical receptacle, a concrete pad to accommodate a portable toilet, and an accessible walkway.

The final piece of this project is a community-led memorial honoring Leon Young. This process is ongoing.

Project Goals

  • Identify and select a project site
  • Maintain Leon Young’s legacy working with youth
  • Effectively use Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding on Hillside community needs
  • Improve park service levels for the park
  • Commit CDBG funds by the end of March 2020


Summer 2017

Community-driven outreach and youth-led photo voice project identify the Leon young Pavilion as a community amenity and improvement priority.

December 2017

Community members voiced concerns about deterioration and possible environmental hazards with the Leon Young Pavilion. They requested demolition of the current structure and replacement utilizing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.

The Parks Department tested the structure and soil for toxicity.  Tests did not reflect levels of toxicity hazardous for public use.

January  2018


Community Development offered to explore setting aside $150,000 of 2018 CDBG funding for the project.

February 2018

Both the Legacy Loop and Envision Shooks Run plans prioritize this area for infrastructure upgrades.   Due to anticipated improvements to the Shooks Run area and lack of opportunities for activation, PRCS did not feel it was appropriate to completely demolish and replace the pavilion at its exact location at this time.

PRCS offered multiple ways to invest CDBG dollars for the community to consider: 

  1. Restore the current site; invest some funding to make the pavilion safe and renewed;
  2. Explore other sites for a community amenity, including the South Shooks Run Playground space, Memorial Park or Hillside Community Center/Fountain Park;
  3. Remove the pavilion now and look to fully redesign and renovate the site with the future Legacy Loop planning process;
  4. Keep the pavilion and wait for future planning processes to redesign and renovate the site.

February – June 2018

Community members coordinated outreach events, activities and surveys to identify project priorities and opportunities for the Leon Young Pavilion site and CDBG funding.

June  2018

With no consensus on a project and location, Community Development reassigned the $150,000 to a competitive pool due to concerns that the funds could not be committed by the end of the 2018 program year. CDD expressed interest in making 2019 funds available.

August 2018

Open House held by City staff and two City Council members regarding Hillside area project updates, the Leon Young Pavilion, a Hillside community project to include the use of 2019 CDBG funding for a project, and homeless population updates.

September 2018

Public Meeting #1: Hillside Community Project and Leon Young Pavilion planning meeting and design activity where the community provided input on project opportunities.

November 2018

Planned Public Meeting #2:  Discuss community feedback received to date and present some options for community consideration and feedback.

January 2019

Community Meeting #3: The community discussed the Action Plan presented.  The outcomes were an understanding of how the City would approach the project, how staff envisioned the space changing conceptually; and attendee’s opted to have the City proceed with the final design decisions as part of managing a contractor design/build team.

Spring 2019

Phase I Environmental contractor hired, with the Phase I Report completed May 2019. 

Summer 2019

Floodplain documentation performed and a Declaration of Restrictive Covent completed in late July-August.  Received

August 2019

Request for Proposal (RFP) put out in August, posted 1 month plus an extension of two weeks for questions, proposals submitted, submittals reviewed, and contract signed with a Notice to Proceed (NTP) in November 2019.

November 2019 Design and build contract executed
December 2019 Initial design meeting with contractor
February – April 2020​

Rehabilitation demolition and construction, pending weather delays

 May-September 2020

Turf reestablishment and irrigation retrofit

Fall 2020  Final wood staining application applied; community-led process for memorial creation and installation continues

Memorial Process

Community members have formed a committee and will take the memorial component forward independently. The committee will work along-side city staff for review and to bring any completed plans through the appropriate processes.

This process will be separate from the rehabilitation of the Leon Young Pavilion at South Shooks Run Park and will identify opportunities to incorporate a memorial at the site.

Committee kick-off meeting; February 12, 2018, at 5:30 pm at Hillside Community Center.

Public Process

Open House

On August 21, 2018, the City hosted an information session to share current and planned projects in the Hillside Community, including the Leon Young Pavilion; Community Development Block Grant Programs and 2019 project funding opportunities; and, Council President Skorman and Council Member Strand hosted a community discussion on homelessness issues and the recent riparian ordinance that prohibits camping within 100 feet of creeks and other waterways.

Public Planning Meeting #1

On September 12, 2018, the City hosted a Hillside Community Project and Leon Young Pavilion planning meeting and design charrette.

Public Planning Meeting #2

On November 1, 2018, this City hosted a meeting to discuss the outcome of the September meeting with a proposed location and design options.

Public Planning Meeting #3

On January 23, 2019, the City hosted a meeting to discuss the action plan moving forward.

Public Comment

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