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Are you prepared for a wildfire?

Are you prepared for a wildfire?

The warm, dry climate of Colorado is appealing to residents and tourists alike, but it also brings the potential for wildfires year-round.  In 2012, drought and extreme weather fueled the Waldo Canyon Fire, which was the largest recorded wildfire in Colorado's history at the time.  The fire burned nearly 18,000 acres, destroyed 347 homes, and Colorado's most expensive wildfire with insurance costs totaling $453.7 million.

More and more people are making their homes in the wildland-urban interface – in or near forests, rural areas or in remote mountain sites. While homeowners enjoy the beauty of the environment, they face the very real danger of wildfire. Wildfires often begin unnoticed. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees and homes. Reduce your risk by preparing now - before wildfire strikes.

Contact the Colorado Springs Fire Department Firewise Program at 719-385-7281.

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