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Jacqueline Rowland, City Auditor 

Jacqueline (Jackie) was sworn in as the Colorado Springs City Auditor on January 26, 2021. The City Auditor reports to City Council with Council appointed Audit Committee oversight. The City Auditor oversees the Financial, Performance, and Information System audits throughout the City, including the diverse operations of City administration, Colorado Springs Utilities, Airport, Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works, among others.

Jackie joined the City of Colorado Springs (City) in 2006 as an Auditor. She served as Assistant City Auditor from 2010 until her current appointment as City Auditor. Jackie’s professional experience includes public accounting, as well as, ten years Internal Audit experience with FedEx.

As Assistant City Auditor, Jackie streamlined the office’s reporting process from lengthy boilerplate reporting, requiring significant auditor and management hours to prepare and review, to a short and concise report format. The new reporting improved office productivity, garnered Audit Committee praise, and was recognized as leading best practices by the municipal audit community.

Jackie is passionate about chasing excellence! Her focus is helping the City of Colorado Springs fulfill their mission, goals, and objectives to provide high value services economically and effectively. She believes in continuous improvement, both in the operations of the City and in the auditors’ delivery of services. We can always improve and that is exciting.

When not auditing, you may find Jackie hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband, James. Jackie recently discovered camping. She says getting away from daily life, immersed in the natural Colorado beauty is purely restorative!