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Number  IssuedReport - Click on Title to access Report
24-13May 2024Land Use Review Division Public Notice, 
24-10April 2024Fleet Maintenance Insourcing
24-05February 2024Procurement Card Monitoring
24-02January 2024Police Department Vehicle Management and Utilization
23-19December 2023Annual Follow-Up
23-23November 2023Sales Tax Application Audit
23-20October 2023Procurement System Process Improvement
23-16August 2023Fleet Management and Maintenance Services Procurement
23-14July 2023Fire Department Sworn Overtime Trends
23-11May 2023Ballot Measure 2C Maintenance of Effort -2022
23-09March 2023Information Technology Account Management
23-02Feb 2023America’s Mountain Cash Receipt Audit
23-04Feb 2023City of Colorado Springs Procurement Card Monitoring – 2022
22-22October 2022Annual Follow-Up
22-20September 2022Economic Development Compliance
22-19September 2022Trails, Open Space, and Parks (TOPS) Fund
22-18August 2022City of Colorado Springs Community and Public Health CARES Program
22-16July 2022Parking System Enterprise Internal Control Review
22-15July 2022Police Department Records and Identification Operations
22-13May 2022City of Colorado Springs Procure to Pay Project Implementation
22-08April 2022Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Cash and Funds Receipts Internal Control Review
22-07March 2022Ballot Measure 2C Maintenance of Effort Spending (2021)
22-03Jan. 2022City of Colorado Springs Procurement Card Monitoring - 2021
22-02Jan. 2022City of Colorado Springs Procurement Card Program
21-23Nov. 2021City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities Liability Claims and Workers’ Compensation Reserve Funds Audit
21-19Sept. 2021Annual Follow-up
21-18Sept. 2021Metropolitan Districts Policy Review 
21-16Aug. 2021Qualifying Stormwater Expenses
21-15July 2021Southwest Downtown Infrastructure
21-14June 2021Ethics Policies and Practices
21-13June 2021Information Technology Security
21-10Mar. 2021Ballot Measure 2C Maintenance of Effort Spending (2020)
21-09Mar. 2021Ballot Issue 2B
21-06Feb. 2021City of Colorado Springs Funded Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority (PPRTA) Projects
21-05Feb. 2021Procurement Cards Monitoring 2020
20-32Nov. 2020Fire Department Sick Leave Utilization Historical Trends
20-30Nov. 20202020 Annual Follow-up
20-28Oct. 2020TOPS Fund
20-26Oct. 2020Municipal Court Costs
20-18June 2020City & Utilities Qualifying Stormwater Expenses 2019
20-14May 2020Cost of Responding to Homelessness
20-11May 2020Ambulance Transport Contract RFP Process Review
20-09March 2020Pikes Peak Summit Complex
20-07March 2020City of Colorado Springs Ballot Measure 2C
Maintenance of Effort Spending (2019)
20-05February 2020City Procurement Card Monitoring – 2019
20-04February 2020Colorado Springs Police Department Evidence Inventory Capacity
20-03February 2020Affordable Housing
19-26December 2019Sand Creek Police Substation Construction Monitoring
19-25December 2019City Information Technology
19-24December 2019City Information Technology Security
19-20October 2019Annual Follow-up
19-19October 2019City Transit Contract Compliance
19-17September 2019Stormwater Enterprise City Stormwater Fee Billing Process
19-15September 2019City and CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses for 2018
19-12May 2019City of Colorado Springs Enterprise Resource Planning System Upgrade
19-05March 2019City Procurement Card Monitoring
19-04February 2019Ballot Measure 2C MOE Spending
18-33December 2018Trails, Open Space, and Parks (TOPS) Fund
18-32December 2018City of Colorado Springs Financial Assurances
18-30Nov. 2018Fleet Management and Maintenance Services Procurement
18-29Nov. 20182C Warranty and Inspection Process Final
18-27Nov. 2018City & CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses 2017 Final
18-25Oct. 20182018 Annual Follow-up
18-20July 2018City Qualifying Stormwater Expenses Verification
18-19July 2018City Cash Receipts - Sales Tax & PPAM
18-18May 2018Police Impound Lot
18-16May 2018Ballot Measure 2C Maintenance of Effort Spending (2017)
18-15May 2018Wescott Fire Protection District Audit
18-12AprilUC Health Contract Compliance
18-05MarchBanning Lewis Ranch Annexation
18-04FebruaryProcurement Card Monitoring Audit
17-32December 2017Streets Maintenance Operations and Coordination
17-31December 2017Fleet Savings Verification
17-24November 20172017 Annual Audit Follow-Up
17-23November 2017City of Colorado Springs Security of Fire Department
17-22August 2017City of Colorado Springs Procurement Audit
17-14April 2017Liability Claims and Workers' Compensation Reserve Funds Audit
17-10March 2017Monitoring of City Information Technology Governance and Outsourcing
17-09March 2017Ballot 2C Maintenance of Effort Spending (2016)
17-06February 2017Procurement Card 2016 Monitoring Audit
17-05February 2017Cash Disbursements Audit
17-04February 2017Information Technology Contractor Holiday Payments
17-01January 2017Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Cash Receipts Audit
16-23October 2016Trails, Open Space, and Parks (TOPS) Fund
16-20September 20162016 Annual Audit Follow-Up
16-18August 2016Purchasing Card
16-16July 2016Payroll Information Technology Controls
16-13June 2016Payroll Audit
16-10May 2016Streets Maintenance and Operations Coordination
16-09May 2016Lodgers and Automobile Rental Tax (LART) Review
16-06April 2016Ballot Measure 2C Average Road Maintenance Spending 2012-2014
16-05March 2016Department of Information Technology Governance Monitoring
15-37December 2015Healthcare Costs Audit
15-33November 2015Special Tax Revenue Audit (LART/PPRTA)
15-32November 2015Briargate Special Improvement Maintenance District Audit
15-31November 2015Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority Audit
15-30November 2015Utilization of Outside Legal Counsel
15-28October 2015Annual Audit Recommendations Follow Up Report
15-23August 20152015 Fleet Report
15-21July 2015City Consulting
15-19July 2015Cash Receipts
15-17May 2015Mobile Device Bill Accuracy
15-14May 2015City of Colorado Springs Review and Monitor Capital Project Management
15-13May 2015Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
15-12May 2015Information Technology Governance Monitoring
15-08Mar-15Audit of the City's Procurement and Leasing of Information Technology Equipment
15-07Mar-15City Compensation Audit
15-04Feb-15Fire Department Follow-up on Pensions
14-32Dec-14Development Review Enterprise Audit
14-28Nov-14Annual Follow-up Report
14-27Oct-14Trails, Open Space, and Parks (TOPS) Fund
14-26Oct-14Answers Concerning City Pensions
14-19Aug-14Colorado Springs Sales Tax Application Audit
14-16Jun-14Municipal Court Judge Audit
14-15Jun-14Municipal Court Fine Audit
14-13Jun-14Colorado Springs Data Center Audit
14-07Apr-14City Council Travel Reimbursement 
14-06Apr-14Housing Development Division
14-04Feb-14Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Funds
13-26Dec-13Purchasing Card Audit
13-24Dec-13Annual Follow-up Report
13-19Oct-13ARAMARK Contract Review
13-18Oct-13City Database Security Audit
13-15Sep-13City Procurement Audit
13-10Apr-13Colorado Springs Police Evidence Audit
13-05Apr-13City Investments
12-26Dec-12Trails, Open Space, and Parks Fund
12-22Nov-12Golf Course Contract Compliance Review
12-20Nov-12City Payroll Report
12-19Oct-12Annual Follow-up Executive Summary
12-17Sep-12Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Fund Audit
12-10May-12Convention and Visitors Bureau Contract Audit
12-08May-12City Cash Disbursements Report
12-05 Mar-12 City Cash Receipts Audit Report 
11-26Dec-11Annual Follow Up Audit Report
11-25Dec-11Humane Society Audit Report
11-19Nov-11Fire Department Consulting Letter
11-17Sep-11Lamar Corporation Contract Compliance Audit
11-14Aug-11Procurement Card Audit
11-13Jun-11Economic Development
10-2011/18/10Annual Follow Up Report
10-1708/19/10Trails, Open Space, and Parks Fund
10-0904/28/10Claims Reserve & Workers' Compensation Funds 
10-0503/26/102009 Annual Follow Up Report