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Fire Operations 

The Operations Division is the largest section of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. The 400+ men and women assigned to “Ops” provide all the emergency response activities that the Department is tasked to do as well as a great deal of non-emergency work provided by the CSFD. Firefighters work 56 hours a week in rotating 24-hour shifts. There are three basic “teams” - the A, B, and C Shifts.

Medical Services

73% of the Department’s calls for service are responses to medical emergencies. The Medical Division supports fire operations by administrating and managing the Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Program so that internal and external customers are provided with current information and professional pre-hospital medical and health services. The Medical Division staff members provide the following services:

  • Response to major emergencies to coordinate medical services.
  • Manage certifications and training required for provision of Advanced Life Support to the community.
  • Act as liaison between the Fire Department, other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, and the medical community.
  • Coordination of continuing medical education and training within the CSFD.
  • Provide Infection Control Officers (ICO) as mandated by Ryan White Act.
  • Manage medical and life safety coverage for community events.
  • Evaluate, select, purchase, and manage inventories of all medical equipment.
  • Operate a Quality Assurance (QA) program for the delivery of emergency medical services.
  • Develop policies and procedures dealing with all aspects of emergency medical services.
  • Develop and manage a mandated employee Infectious Disease Policy and Procedure.
  • Provide Public Information Officer service to the media 24 hours per day.
  • Provide Fire Department personnel with immunization against infectious diseases.