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Information regarding extraction submittal requirements as well as general fire code provisions for medical marijuana use. This also applies to existing medical marijuana and / or other similar facilities wishing to add extraction operations.

  • Extraction Operation Guide: Requirements for the installation and use of extraction operations
  • Extraction Equipment Submittal Form: This form is required to be submitted with all plans submitted to the Regional Building Department utilizing medical marijuana extraction.
  • RBD Occupancy Classification Update: An official statement from Pikes Peak Regional Building Department regarding the occupancy classifications for marijuana business functions.
  • Extraction Submittal Requirements: General information regarding requirements for each step along the process for extraction equipment installation. This also applies to equipment used for extractions of other plant-based products.
  • CSFD Approved Extraction Equipment:The list of currently approved extraction equipment. Extraction equipment not on this list shall not be used within City limits.
  • Inspection Checklist: A checklist that can be used by owners/operators regarding fire code requirements for their facility. Note this list is not all inclusive.
  • Marijuana Guidance Document: A link to the Marijuana Facility Guidance Document page.
  • Marijuana Concentrates (Hash Oil) Amendment: Pertaining to the manufacture of marijuana concentrates involving the use of a compressed flammable gas, flammable gas, flammable liquid, or combustible liquid as a solvent in a residential setting, and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

Plant Extraction Operations FAQ