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The Colorado Springs Fire Department has instituted a new process for all locally licensed fire protection contractors who inspect, test, and maintain fire protection systems within the City of Colorado Springs. Effective January 1, 2019, all fire protection system inspection, test, and maintenance (ITM) reports are required to be submitted to the Colorado Springs Fire Department electronically via The Compliance Engine’s online system at The Colorado Springs Fire Department will no longer accept reports to be submitted directly to us.

This new process will assist the Colorado Springs Fire Department in tracking and ensuring the reliability of fire protection systems within our jurisdiction. Accurate and timely inspection reporting, combined with this new tracking capability, will not only reduce false fire alarms, but also ensure that all systems are tested, as well as expedite repairs of impaired or deficient fire protection systems.

Fire Protection Contractors:

In order to submit service reports you must first register your company at For questions or technical support, please contact The Compliance Engine directly through Brycer Support at 855-279-2371. All compliant and deficient ITM reports must be submitted by licensed fire protection contractors as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days of the service inspection date. However, all system impairments must be reported immediately.

For Business Owners and Property Managers:

Once your fire protection system inspection is reported by a locally licensed fire protection contractor, you will be notified of any system deficiencies requiring service or repair. The notifications will come from The Compliance Engine on behalf of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. In order for your system to obtain compliant status, all reported impairments and/or deficiencies will need to be corrected. Failure to correct impairments and/or deficiencies will result in a visit by a fire inspector and an order notice requiring you to make the necessary repairs to your system.

Once your fire protection system is registered in the tracking system, you will receive notification from The Compliance Engine, on behalf of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, when your system is due for its next required inspection, testing, and maintenance. Failure to schedule your required ITM will result in a visit from a fire inspector to ensure that compliance is maintained.