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Colorado Springs Municipal Court Probation is dedicated to serving all citizens in an equitable and professional manner utilizing client-centered and evidence-based practices that promote behavioral change, restorative justice, public safety, and reduction in recidivism.

This department handles Municipal Court cases only. Those who have gone through either County Court or District Court should contact their probation officer at 4th Judicial District Adult Probation at (719) 452-5900 or 4th Judicial Combined Courts at 719-452-5000.

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Some staff can schedule court dates but if those staff members are absent or the wait is significant, individuals may be referred to Violations to schedule court appearances.

Payment Plans

Most people are referred to the Probation Department by judges after they have requested time to pay a fine. For payment arrangement options, please contact Probation. Payments can be made online or in person by cash, check, money order, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover.

Request for Court Appointed Attorney

Probation staff are responsible for handling Court Appointed Attorney applications. These applications can be picked up in person in the Probation Department and Violations Bureau or printed and returned to the Probation Department in person or via Email: with requested/supporting documents.

  1. Financial Statement Requirements
  2. The Justice Center Services: Ask-A-Lawyer Legal Clinics, Find-A-Lawyer, 719-473-6212
  3. Application for a Court Appointed Attorney
  4. Letter of Verification - Defendant

(Note: To read these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Pre-Sentencing Investigations

Some people are referred to the Probation Department by judges who want more information before imposing a sentence. In such cases the judge orders a Pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report.  A Pre-Sentence Investigator or Probation Officer interviews the participants in the incident, checks the defendant's prior criminal record and personal background. The sentencing date is scheduled prior to the interview.


If a criminal incident has resulted in theft, property damage personal injury or out of pocket cost to the victim, the judge may order the defendant to pay restitution (compensation) to the victim of the crime. Often the Judge will order a restitution investigation to determine what, if any, restitution should be ordered in a case. The victim is generally asked to provide requested documentation for the amount of restitution being requested. If recommendation is ordered the defendant, then works out an acceptable payment plan with the probation officer. Restitution payments can be made in Room 108 of the Violations Bureau or mailed to the Court.

Probation Supervision

In addition to the imposition of fines and costs, judges often impose required attendance at remedial schools and classes as a condition of probation. Probation Officers arrange such attendance and monitor compliance with the judge's orders. For those ordered to comply with Probation, the judge will specify the level of supervision and may order specific conditions.  When the judge orders a formal or supervised probation, the individual is required to meet with a Probation Officer on a schedule set between the officer and individual.  Informal or unsupervised probation does not require regular Probation contact.  The following table includes a list of possible programs/measures offenders may be ordered to participate in and complete. Other measures may be ordered by the Court as recommended by the Probation Department.

Probation Supervision Fee of $25 is imposed for informal probation criminal cases and Probation Supervision Fee of $240 is imposed for formal probation criminal cases.

Probation Programs/Measures

  • Substance Abuse Evaluations & Treatment         
  • Victim Empathy        
  • Cognitive Behavior Treatment (CBT)        
  • Conflict Resolution Class    
  • Minors in Possession Class/MIP    
  • Humane Society/Code Enforcement        
  • Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment
  • Restorative Justice Programs         
  • Petty Theft Education
  • Public Service Program
  • Restitution Payments
  • School or Alternative Education Programs
  • Essay/Letters of Apology
  • Random Monitoring
  • Outreach Court
  • Medicaid Assistance/Connecting with Community Resources

Proof of Compliance

It is your responsibility to ensure that proof of compliance is sent to the Probation Department before the deadline date as soon as the condition is completed.  If circumstances arise that may impair your ability to comply with the Probation Order, you should promptly return to the Probation Department and explain the circumstances/or request a reasonable extension of time to complete a condition prior to the end of the probation term.

Proof of Compliance can be returned in person or via Email:

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Probation Department Contact

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