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TOPS Story Map

Since 1997, the Trails, Open Space, and Parks program (TOPS) has played a vital role in the acquisition, protection, and preservation of more than 7,500 acres of open space and 67 parks in Colorado Springs. As TOPS celebrates its 25th year, Trails & Open Space Coalition (TOSC) has developed a unique "story map" that highlights three of the park acquisitions facilitated by the TOPS program. The stories include narratives of three community members who were instrumental in helping to acquire and improve these properties for current and future generations of Colorado Springs residents. Dive into the interactive maps and learn more about these special places.

Interactive Map

Tops Designated Properties (acquired with TOPS funds):

  • Black Canyon Quarry
  • Blodgett Open Space
  • Bluestem Prairie Open Space
  • Corral Bluffs Open Space
  • High Chaparral Open Space
  • Jimmy Camp Creek Prairie Preserve
  • Pikeview Buffer Open Space
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space
  • Stratton Open Space
  • Union Meadows Open Space
  • Ute Valley Park

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TOPS funding has also acquired or contributed to portions of these properties