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Essential Questions for City Initiatives

These essential questions should be considered as a tool to focus on and promote implementation of our Strong Connections vision for applicable City initiatives (refer to Chapter 1):

  1. Support the overall focus of our Strong Connections theme?
  2. Add value and improve the typologies and keystone indicators for Strong Connections?
  3. Contribute positively to increased mobility throughout the city and particularly related to east/west transportation needs?
  4. Specifically contribute in any way to enhance transit?
  5. Contribute to enhanced non-motorized transportation systems, connections with them or their use?
  6. Result in fiscally sustainable additions or other changes to the transportation network?
  7. Have a positive impact on walkability?
  8. Promote conservation of water and energy resources?
  9. Promote densification and sustainable utility usage?
  10. Support a reduction in vehicle miles traveled per capita?