Unique Places: Goals and Policies

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Be a City of Places

Goal UP-1: Enrich the texture and livability of the city as a tapestry of unique, vibrant, and walkable places.

Policy UP-1.A: Emphasize placemaking throughout the city with design and programming that supports a distinctive identity and experience.

  • Strategy UP-1.A-1: Incorporate distinctive placemaking as an element of public and private development plans including privately initiated master plans, concept plans, and Planned Unit Development zoning. 
  • Strategy UP-1.A-2: Evaluate new and redeveloping land use related to enhancement and support of existing, transitioning, and new activity centers. 
  • Strategy UP-1.A-3: Activate identified community areas with events like regular farmers’ markets and concerts.
  • Strategy UP-1.A-4: Plan and design activity centers to be supportive of and well connected with multiple modes of transportation.
  • Strategy UP-1.A-5: Design urban activity centers to encourage walkability.
  • Strategy UP-1.A-6: Collaborate with the community, service providers, and stakeholders to plan a small business-supportive community hub in the southeast part of the city.

Policy UP-1.B: Establish a network of connections such as gateways, signature streets, festival streets, and trails to support, define, and provide context for our unique places.

  • Strategy UP-1.B-1: Support and promote a system of gateways and signature streets extending beyond Downtown to create unique, desirable, and identifiable entries to the overall city and the distinct places within it. 
  • Strategy UP-1.B-2: Integrate the design and location of existing and future transit stops within urban places. 
  • Strategy UP-1.B-3: Create connections between urban places and natural settings, especially through repurposing urban waterways.
  • Strategy UP-1.B-4: When feasible, integrate development with surrounding natural areas and maximize trail connectivity to enhance quality of life.

Policy UP-1.C: Locate and design new and repurposed civic facilities to make them highly visible focal points that express quality design, permanence, importance, and community identity.

  • Strategy UP-1.C-1: Locate and design public spaces and civic facilities at key locations throughout the city that set an example for quality design and integrate with surrounding private development.