Unique Places: Relevant Plans

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Relevant Plans and their relationship to PlanCOS 

While PlanCOS provides overarching guidance, numerous City plans provide additional detail required for effective application and implementation of this Unique Places Chapter. Of particular importance will be publicly and privately initiated neighborhood-specific master plans. Used in conjunction with the overall themes and ideas in PlanCOS, these plans should be relied on to allow for and articulate land use and other area-specific recommendations for the areas they address. As existing plans are updated and new plans created, these plans should support the themes of PlanCOS. In cases of discrepancy between more detailed elements of the Comprehensive PlanA comprehensive plan is a guiding document that provides a framework for city policies and priorities regarding the physical development of the city. It is a long-range vision of what we want our city to become and is a tool for making decisions about how that vision should be achieved. It outlines strategic steps to make the vision a reality and provides targeted and strategic planning of the physical development of the city., alignment with the vision of PlanCOS should be considered in the use and application of these plans.

City Adopted Neighborhood, Corridor, and Master Plans

Publicly initiated small area, corridor, and neighborhood plans are essential to providing the detail necessary to realize the Unique Places vision. To the extent of the Comprehensive Plan, these remain in force and effect, and should be utilized in conjunction with PlanCOS to determine Comprehensive Plan consistency. As existing plans are updated and new plans created, these plans should support the themes of PlanCOS. Of particular importance are the following plans because of their currency and applicability to Unique Places:

  • Experience Downtown Plan (2016): This plan should be relied on extensively to inform and direct the vision for Downtown.
  • Envision Shooks Run Corridor Facilities Master Plan (2017): This plan should be relied on to inform and direct the vision for catalytic redevelopment in the Lower Shooks Run areas.
  • Renew North Nevada Avenue Plan (2017): This plan should be relied on extensively to inform and direct the vision for the North Nevada corridor.
  • Academy Boulevard Corridor Great Streets Plan (2011): Although non-specific with respect to recommended land use, this document should be relied on to more fully inform the development of Academy Blvd.
  • InfillDevelopment of vacant land within previously built areas. These areas are already served by public infrastructures, such as transportation and utilities. Parks and open space are also considered infill, since they are permanent uses for vacant parcels. Action Plan (2016): This document should be relied on to continue to inform the direction for infill projects and strategies.
  • Urban Renewal Plans: Other active neighborhood plans should continue to be consulted regardless of their age. However, in the event of an apparent conflict between older plans and this vision, consideration should be given on a case-by-case basis to determine the extent to which circumstances have or have not changed since those plans were adopted. A balance should be struck among the relevant polices and recommendations of PlanCOS and the more specific relevant plans.

See full list of plans: Appendix D (with hyperlink)

Privately Initiated Master Plans

Privately initiated master plans will be integral to long term success of this Unique Places vision, especially in newly developing and large scale redevelopment areas. Although developers and property owners should expect to rely on their previously approved and active privately initiated master plans, they are strongly encouraged to adapt the more specific implementation of these plans to best align with this theme. New master plans and amendments to existing plans should be reviewed for consistency with this theme. 

See full list of plans: Appendix D (with hyperlink)

Other Measures

Through the creation, implementation, and update of publicly and privately initiated plans, it may be appropriate to track and measure additional indicators as it relates to the Unique Places vision and policy direction. Such indicators could include the following:

  • Employment Density: total number of jobs per acre
  • Vacant Lands in Core Area of the City and in Overall City Limits: Continued reduction in total vacant acres in traditional core area of the city, and proportion of vacant lands within city limits.
  • Vacancy Rate: Retail/commercial vacancy rate, city-wide and by subarea of the city.