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This is our community’s Plan for the physical development of Colorado Springs. We expect it to be used and referenced as our city and community develops over the coming decades. Our citizens understand how important it is to plan for the future. The use of this Plan allows us to grow and adapt to a future that is predictable in some cases and uncertain in others. Our Plan should be used to support and not to restrain the market, private initiative, strategic public investment, and innovation. Our Plan ensures that Colorado Springs will continue to be one of the great cities of our nation.

The importance of our Plan is apparent from how it is written. It is reinforced when the reader reminds themselves that these words represent more than their individual goals, but rather a collective vision of a better future. Even with the benefit of this vision and insight, future conversations will not always be easy. Decisions about development are complex and often have competing perspectives. Some choices are evident based on this Plan, while others need more deliberation. PlanCOS is an important part of these conversations.
The community of Colorado Springs has come together to articulate a common vision that embraces our future and builds on the identity we share in our geographical location and outdoor environment. To realize our vision, we must act boldly to build on our strengths and confront our challenges. The goals we envision and the actions we take today will define our city's future.

“My theory for this place is that it should be made the most attractive place for homes in the west—a place for schools, colleges,literature, science…”
-General William Jackson Palmer- founder of Colorado Springs (December 23, 1871)

“Topophilia is the love of place. All of Colorado has it, but it is particularly evident in Colorado Springs.”
- Gov. John Hickenlooper, United States Olympic Museum groundbreaking June 9, 2017

“Coming to Colorado was an advent for me. I felt like I was walking inside of a Castle. I do not want to lose that feeling.”
-Andrew Ezell Wash, Southeast Colorado Springs resident, 2017