Residential Accessory Use

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The City Code in Section 7.2.201 defines an accessory use as “a use which is subordinate to and serves a principal building or a principal use; is subordinate in extent or purpose to the principal building or a principal use; contributes to the comfort, convenience or necessity of the occupants, business or industry in the principal building or principal use served; is located on the same lot as the principal building or principal use served.” In residential zones, several accessory uses are allowed. This page covers the most common uses. For more information regarding accessory uses, consult City Code Section 7.3.105 or contact the Land Use Review Division.

The accessory use of a residential property may be allowed by the City of Colorado Springs but it may be prohibited by covenants and restrictions for your particular development and/or subdivision. Be sure to check if your property has any prohibitions for an accessory use before submitting an application. Covenants and restrictions are not enforced by the City of Colorado Springs not does the City have jurisdiction over them.


Antennas for radio, television, CB, and satellite dishes are allowed in any residential zone district however if your property is within the Airport Overlay, you will need to contact the Colorado Springs Airport for additional regulations and restrictions that would apply to your location in accord with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The Airport can be contacted at (719) 550-1915 or


Beehives, provided that they are not a nuisance, are also allowed within any residential zone district. Beehives are limited to one per principal use.

Daycare Home

A small daycare home, defined as a total of six children full-time plus to two additional children part-time, is allowed in most residential zone districts provided that the proprietor obtain a Daycare Home Permit from the Development Review Enterprise. Their offices are located in Suite #200-7 of the Pikes Peak Regional Development Center, located at 2880 International Circle or they can be contacted directly at  (719) 385-5982. All day cares must be State licensed with Colorado State Department of Human Services.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are allowed only if: (1) each garage sale is held no more than two times per calendar year and (2) each garage sale does not exceed a period of two consecutive days.

Storage Structures

In residential zones, storage structures are limited to two structures per principal use, provided that the combined gross floor area of the structures does not exceed 400 square feet. For more information about constructing a storage structure, consult Accessory Structures.

Swimming Pools

Private swimming pools and/or bath houses are allowed in any residential zone.

Home Occupations 

A home occupation (sometimes referred to as a home-based business) may be allowed in any residential district. Any Home Occupation must comply with the standards set forth in Section 7.5.1501 of the City Code. A Home Occupation permit  may be permitted by the Development Review Enterprise Division.

Outside Vehicle Storage

Outside vehicle storage is allowed in all residential zone districts. However, the design and location of off street parking, vehicle and recreational vehicle storage, and loading spaces must comply with all standards set forth in the City Code.

Additional Information

Zoning and Subdivision information is contained within Chapter 7. Also consult Accessory Structures.