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The Urban Planning Division focuses on both long-range planning for Downtown as well as the review of site-specific development applications.  A primary task of the Urban Planning Staff is the implementation of the Downtown Form-Based Code, a unique style of zoning used in many urban areas.  Form-Based zoning utilizes physical standards to ensure that new development within the City’s core is appropriate to an urban context and creates an interesting and pedestrian-friendly environment.  While some uses are restricted within the Zone, the Code implements a philosophy that the internal uses of buildings is far less important than how the building itself relates to the public realm. 

  • FBC Booklet Fact Sheet: An informational pamphlet describing the history and philosophy of the form-based code as well as many of the expected benefits for Downtown Colorado Springs.
  • Form Based Code: The zoning standards, guidelines and procedures that take the place of the previously existing zoning regulations in Downtown Colorado Springs.
  • Form Based Code Map: A detailed, parcel-by-parcel map of the Downtown Form-Based Zone and individual sectors.

For more information about the Form-Based Code contact Urban Planning Manager, Ryan Tefertiller, at 719-385-5382 or