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Behind the Springs

Can a local government podcast be fun? We say “yes!” Join us for lighthearted, in-depth discussions with Colorado Springs' elected officials and employees as we learn what keeps Olympic City USA ranked in the country's top three best places to live. If you enjoy life with Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods but want to be more in the know about what's going on in your city, this podcast is for you.



Behind the Springs Episode 147: Pikes Peak Rising

Pikes Peak Rising

Your mental health matters. Join this conversation to learn about a movement called Pikes Peak Rising that includes a website to help you navigate toward better mental health for you and your loved ones. First lady Abbey Mobolade and several partners are shining a spotlight on the great resources in our region. Tune in to find out how this can benefit you, and our entire community!

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Behind the Springs Episode 146: The museum is back!

museum logo

Celebrate the grand reopening of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum after a major building restoration project. During this conversation, we’ll hear how the project means major benefits for visitors. Hear about the latest exhibits, new spaces and an improved home for our treasured artifacts. 

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Behind the Springs Episode 145: Olympic City USA

Mayor Yemi and Jen Schreuder sit at the USOPM to film a Behind the Springs Episode

We are at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center to talk about the Paris Games, and all that’s happening in our city to celebrate! Mayor Yemi also shares his thoughts about public safety and his strategic plan for our community. Don’t miss this episode! 

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Behind the Springs Episode 144: Pikes Peak Highway

Pikes Peak logo

Hundreds of thousands of people hit the road each year to reach the top of America’s Mountain via the Pikes Peak Highway. Hear about the shuttle service, special events, and why the marmots are the key to kicking off summer during this latest episode of Behind of the Springs!

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Behind the Springs Episode 143: Checking in with Mayor Yemi

Jen Schreuder and Mayor Yemi

We’re catching up with Mayor Yemi just as Colorado Springs was ranked most desirable city in the country and third in the “Best Places to Live” category by U.S. News & World Report! Hear the Mayor’s thoughts on these rankings, along with important news about our police and fire departments. He also shares his personal reasons for caring so deeply about public safety.

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Behind the Springs Episode 142: This is a wild one

A csfd truck puts out a brush fire in colorado springs

What will this summer be like when it come to our wildfire risk? We’re checking in with the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal for predictions and great reminders about how to be prepared. Whether you’ve experienced Colorado wildfires or you’re brand new to this topic, tune in for tips that benefit our entire community!

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Behind the Springs Episode 141: Safe Passage

Safe passage logo

It’s not easy to talk about child abuse, but April is the month dedicated to raising awareness. We are fortunate to have a unique and effective approach to helping children who have been sexually abused, housed in a place called Safe Passage. Find out more about the quiet heroes in our community and how the city is involved in helping children heal.

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Behind the Springs Episode 140: Paving the Way

How about that recent snowstorm? Mayor Yemi is here to talk about the city’s great response, along with the not so great result: potholes! The long term solution to potholes and other roadway maintenance is 2C and the Mayor explains why you need to know about it and vote to extend it!

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Behind the Springs Episode 139: Tapping into restaurant experience

We’re giving you a taste of a new podcast with some familiar faces! Mayor Yemi and City Councilmember Michelle Talarico talk about their experience in the restaurant industry and how it’s helped them in their current leadership roles. Join us for this special episode!

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Behind the Springs Episode 138: Springs in Bloom

Spring is coming soon and so are more than 100 flowerbeds, designed to brighten our neighborhoods. The Springs in Bloom program allows people to adopt a flowerbed and help beautify our city. We’re talking to the City’s Horticulturalist in this episode about the 20th year of this program, and so much more that he and his team do for Colorado Springs!

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Behind the Springs Episode 137: Good Housing News

We’re excited to spread the news about a major grant to one of our partners. It means more than just housing for young adults. Learn about the city’s role and the important work local organizations are doing to benefit our entire community.

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Behind the Springs Episode 136: Preventing Car Theft Together

The numbers are not good. Nearly 4,400 vehicles were stolen in Colorado Springs in 2023, which is about 12 per day. Police estimate that the number went up 33%. Find out what our officers are doing and what YOU can do to fight back.

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Behind the Springs Episode 135: Community Centers and Events

We’re focusing on the importance of building community, which includes an exciting event happening in February at Hillside Community Center to celebrate Black History Month. Mayor Yemi talks about why community activation is one of his priorities and shares his love for the month of February.

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Behind the Springs Episode 134: Looking back and moving forward

Mayor Yemi reflects on our city team’s major accomplishments in 2023 and looks toward 2024 with specific action items in mind. He also talks about his gratitude for public input and some special ways he rings in the new year!

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Behind the Springs Episode 133: Hope COS

When the bitter cold hits Colorado Springs, there’s a program providing hope to those in need of shelter. Learn about Hope COS and the personal stories of two people working to save lives in our community.

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Behind the Springs Episode 132: Downtown holiday traditions

It’s looking and feeling festive in downtown Colorado Springs. Mayor Yemi talks about his favorite part of the holidays, the importance of supporting local businesses, and his priorities through the end of this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Behind the Springs Episode 131: Thank you veterans

Mayor Yemi hosts this episode and introduces two city employees who also served in the military. Get to know these public servants and hear what makes Colorado Springs such a special home for veterans. Happy Veterans Day!

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Behind the Springs Episode 130: It's time to VOTE and get an update from Mayor Yemi

Mayor Yemi shares his passion for our right to vote and the importance of the upcoming election. He also talks about the recent loss of one our city’s firefighters, great economic development news, and some recognition for our city employees!

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Behind the Springs Episode 129: Elevate COS

The Colorado Springs Airport is taking things to the next level with a major remodel of the concourse. This means a better, more modern and more accessible experience when you fly in and out of Colorado’s small airport. This project comes at a time when the airport is growing. Tune in for this conversation to learn more and find out why it’s so easy to Fly COS!

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Behind the Springs Episode 128: October is Arts month!

Economic vitality, mental health, leadership development and quality of life. What do all of these things have in common? The arts! Hear from Mayor Yemi and Angela Seals who leads the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region. They talk about the benefits of our local arts scene and how you can join in this month, and all year long. Plus, Mayor Yemi share his thoughts on Israel, the city budget and much more.

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Behind the Springs Episode 127: Get Ready!

Are you ready Colorado Springs? It’s National Preparedness Month and we’re talking about how local emergency responders prepare for emergencies. Mayor Yemi is joined by the director of the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, who emphasizes the need for YOUR help in being ready for local emergencies.

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Behind the Springs Episode 126: Creek Week

The 10th annual Creek Week is coming up in just a few days, and it’s a great way for volunteers to give back to our community. Find out what’s involved, why it’s important and how you can join the effort to make our city even more beautiful!

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Behind the Springs Episode 125: Countdown to 100

Mayor Yemi is approaching his 100th day in office and will deliver his first State of the City address on Thursday. He gives us a preview of that speech, along with his thoughts about remembering 9/11 and the upcoming Fallen Firefighters Memorial. He also provides an update on an underground fire in downtown Colorado Springs impacting residents and local businesses. Please join us for this conversation!

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Behind the Springs Episode 124: Mayor Yemi talks storm recovery, wildfire awareness and Labor Day weekend!

The Mayor is covering several topics on this episode, including the recent disaster declaration issued by President Biden and what it means for our city. He also discusses our fire department, the city budget and the great events happening over Labor Day weekend in our area!

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Behind the Springs Episode 123: The Chief and Mayor talk training

The need for a new Colorado Springs Police Department training academy is the main topic of this episode. The Chief provides background on the current academy and how it could improve. The Mayor shares his plans to do just that! He also talks about what he’s hearing from residents, the progress on the goals he set for his first 100 days, and the fact that his youngest son wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up.

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Behind the Springs Episode 122: Mayor Yemi talks space command, the economy, parks and more!

Mayor Yemi is here to check in about the latest news and events, including the decision to make Colorado Springs the permanent home of U.S. Space Command. He shares what the city is doing in preparation for a slowing economy, he explains why he’s traveling around the city to listen to residents, he talks about one of his favorite parks, and he needs your help recognizing young leaders in our community!

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Behind the Springs Episode 121: Stormy summer

Summer kicked off with record breaking rainfall in Colorado Springs, which was good and bad. One positive is that the city was able to see how well our stormwater system held up. Find out how it did and why it impacts everyone in our community.

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Behind the Springs Episode 120: Halfway to 100

Mayor Yemi has been in office for nearly 50 days. He’s working to accomplish 42 items during his first 100 days, so he shares his progress and how you can track the city’s work on these priorities. He also hopes to hear from residents in order to shape the vision for the next four years. Find out more during this episode of Behind of the Springs!

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Behind the Springs Episode 119: The museum is closed but open

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is beautiful inside and out! But the historic building that houses our museum needs some work. Find out why the museum is closing, and how it’s also staying open at the same time!

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Behind the Springs Episode 118: The importance of listening

Meet the city’s new Community Affairs Advisor and find out why he thinks the city needs to listen to residents and organizations across the city. He’s part of a new office that aims to bring in more voices and make your local government transparent, approachable and proactive.

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Behind the Springs Episode 117: The good and bad of July

Mayor Yemi loves the month of July for two reasons, which he shares with during this episode. But this month is already presenting some challenges that impact potholes. Tune in for the latest conversation with the Mayor as he marks one month in office.

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Behind the Springs Episode 116: Mayor Yemi's office door is open

The Mayor’s office door is open, both literally and figuratively. He’s excited about the number 42 for a few reasons. Plus, he wants to be called Mayor Yemi. Join the conversation to hear more about these topics, along with some changes he’s putting in place and what they mean for residents.  

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Behind the Springs Episode 115: WorkCOS

People often ask what the city is doing to address homelessness. Hear about a program designed to provide jobs to those exciting homelessness, and beautify our city at the same time. We talk with the supervisor of “Work COS” along with one of program’s employees about the life-changing jobs this program provides, with the help of our many valued partners!

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Behind the Springs Episode 114: Mayor Yemi checks in

The city’s new mayor has said one of his priorities is to be transparent and provide frequent updates. He’s back to talk about his first few days in office, his focus and his plan to keep residents informed.

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Behind the Springs Episode 113: Meet the new Mayor

Yemi Mobolade was recently sworn in as the 42nd Mayor of Colorado Springs. Hear about his priorities during his first 100 days in office, and get to know Mayor Yemi! We also encourage you to follow him on Twitter and Facebook at @MayorofCOS.

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Behind the Springs Episode 112: Therapeutic Recreation Program

We have a unique program at the city designed to provide opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities to participate in various experiences that help them physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn more about this impactful team enriching our community, one activity at a time!

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Behind the Springs Episode 111: Farewell Mayor Suthers

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers is saying farewell, thank you and sharing some of his most emotional memories of his time serving the city.

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Behind the Springs Episode 110: Traffic Safety

If you think our roads seem less safe these days, you’re right. The statistics are not good. However, there are steps city employees are taking to prevent serious and fatal crashes. But they can’t do it alone. Are you willing to help reduce the rising number of traffic deaths and injuries? We hope you’ll join us for this important conversation about saving lives in Colorado Springs.  

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Behind the Springs Episode 109: Affordable Housing

Helping those experiencing homelessness and providing affordable housing are priorities for the City of Colorado Springs, but the city is just one part of a team of organizations working toward solutions. Hear more about this and learn about “attainable” housing, which mean offering housing at various price points that match all income levels. These topics impact our entire community and you won’t want to miss this conversation with our Community Development Manager who shares exciting projects and progress!

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Behind the Springs Episode 108: Mayoral run-off election

It’s time to talk about the election – yes, another one! Our City Clerk is wrapping up the 2023 General Municipal Election and preparing for a mayoral run-off election between the top two candidates. Find out all you need to know and make sure to VOTE by Tuesday, May 16 at 7 p.m.

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Behind the Springs Episode 107: Women's History Month

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has exhibits, lectures and events highlighting women during the month of March (and every day). Hear some remarkable stories about Colorado Springs women from our museum’s curator, aka: awesome storyteller!

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Behind the Springs Episode 106: Retool COS

There’s a new tool, so to speak, that enables property and business owners to navigate the city’s land development process. We’re excited because it SIMPLIFIES things, which might not be what you expect from your local government (wink, wink). This project impacts the entire community, and you’ll find out why during this conversation!

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Behind the Springs Episode 105: Get ready to VOTE Colorado Springs!


One of the most important things you can do as a Colorado Springs resident is vote. And you’ll get a chance to do that very soon if you live in the city and are registered to vote. Find out all the details about the April 4th election from our City Clerk. It’s your city, your voice, your vote!

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Behind the Springs Episode 104: Focusing on Victims


We are discussing the Club Q shooting during this episode with a specific focus. We want you to hear about the Victim Advocacy Unit at the Colorado Springs Police Department. It was a key component during the response to this tragedy and it’s a focus every day for the officers and civilians working to help those in crisis in Colorado Springs.

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Behind the Springs Episode 103: What is PPRTA


It’s hard to keep up with all the acronyms used today and local government is guilty of using a lot! During this episode, we’re tackling PPRTA. It’s important to know what this one stands for and what it means for you. Hear from our Deputy Public Works Director about road projects coming up, thanks in part to voter approval of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, or PPRTA.

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Behind the Springs Episode 102: Sharing our history


We want to let you know about a wonderful way to dive into our local history! The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum offers a lecture series that highlights local individuals who made significant impacts in our community. We explore one story about a female employee at the Colorado Springs Police Department who paved the way for future officers. Plus, find out about the many programs available at the museum.

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Behind the Springs Episode101: Free Youth Sports


There are countless benefits to participating in youth sports and the City of Colorado Springs is working to remove financial barriers so that more kids can play. During this episode, hear about our FREE youth sports program, how it’s growing thanks to our amazing partners, and how to sign up in 2023!

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Episode 100: Why aren't you listening to this podcast?


This is the 100th episode of Behind the Springs! We are celebrating by sharing a few highlights from past episodes, in hopes that those who ARE listening to this podcast will share it with someone who has not yet discovered our great conversations. Help us spread the word about our local government, incredible employees and why Colorado Springs is the very best!

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Episode 99: Helping those in need


When the temperatures drop, we often think about those who are experiencing homelessness in our community. In this episode, hear from our city’s new Homeless Prevention and Response Coordinator. She shares her background, goals, the city’s accomplishments and challenges, and how YOU can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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Episode 98: Skate in the Park


It’s almost time to hit the ice in Acacia Park! The area’s only outdoor ice skating rink is back open for the 10th year, offering fun and special events for all ages! Hear about how our city team builds an ice rink in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs and why Skate in the Park has become a special tradition in our community.

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Episode 97: Taking care of our streets


Whether we’re paving or plowing, one of the city’s biggest priorities is taking care of our streets. Hear from the leader of the team that takes that job seriously in order to keep your travel time smooth and safe!

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Episode 96: Replacing an aging facility


The Colorado Springs Senior Center has been around since 1986, providing great programs and a “magical place”, according to users. Now, it’s time for a bigger and better facility! Join the conversation with our city’s Deputy Chief of Staff about the plan for this beloved senior center and how the city manages more than 150 facilities across our community.

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Episode 95: What it means to be military friendly


We’re considered to be a military friendly city, but why? What makes us a place where active military members want to live and where veterans want to retire? We have two guests who will answer that question and provide a look at the resources available to our valued military members and their families.

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Episode 94: State of the City


“The State of our City is excellent. The future is bright.” This quote from Mayor John Suthers sums up his State of the City speech. But you won’t want to miss the details about the challenges we face and all that we’ve accomplished in Colorado Springs – Olympic City USA!

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Episode 93: COS Ready


We hope this episode of Behind the Springs motivates you to do more than just listen. We are launching a program called COS Ready with 3 simple steps to help our community be prepared for any type of emergency. Sign up for alerts, know your zone and make a plan. Join this conversation with the experts and find out how we can all be ready together!

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Episode 92: Hop on the Bus


They deal with everything from piles of trash, to elderly residents needing help, to people who don’t shovel their sidewalks in the winter. We have a whole team in the city devoted to keeping our neighborhoods looking as good as possible. Hear from two of them as they share stories, ways you can report issues and why they love serving the City of COS!

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Episode 91: Making it a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


They deal with everything from piles of trash, to elderly residents needing help, to people who don’t shovel their sidewalks in the winter. We have a whole team in the city devoted to keeping our neighborhoods looking as good as possible. Hear from two of them as they share stories, ways you can report issues and why they love serving the City of COS!

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Episode 90: Ready to grow?


Ready or not, our city is growing. Mayor John Suthers talks about why it’s critical for city government to focus on certain aspects of responsible growth. These priorities impact your daily life and this conversation could impact your views about growth!

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Episode 89: Happy Trails


Our trails are a treasure around here, but a large amount of illegal trails are causing problems. Hear from the experts at the city and county about these “unofficial” trails and why they’re hurtful to our environment and our budget. Find out how to avoid them and get involved in future planning of our parks and open spaces. 

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Episode 88: Remembering Waldo Canyon Fire


If you lived in Colorado Springs 10 years ago, you probably remember where you were during the Waldo Canyon Fire. Our city employees share their experiences during this special episode about the devastating fire that reminded and taught our community how to prepare for the worst. 

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Episode 87: Don't be afraid of auditing


What does the City Auditor’s office do and why should you care? Those are the questions we answer in this episode of Behind the Springs, thanks to a great conversation with our City Auditor. What she and her team do impacts everyone in COS. Find out how!

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Episode 86: Meet the Chief


There’s a new police chief in town, only he’s not new to town at all! Chief Adrian Vasquez became a police officer here in Colorado Springs nearly 27 years ago. Now, he’s leading the largest department in the city. What are his goals, challenges and favorite parts of the job? Find out in the latest episode of Behind the Springs! 

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Episode 85: Are you ready?


We know that wildfire is a major threat in our community, now more than ever with the recent warm and windy conditions. Are you prepared? Join us for this important conversation with our City’s Fire Marshal, who shares his concern, provides great information and reveals news about critical investment in the effort to prevent wildfire in COS. 

For more information visit

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Episode 84: Visiting Pikes Peak - America's Mountain


If you’re planning to drive the Pikes Peak Highway to the summit of America’s Mountain this summer, we have to information you’ll need to “know before you go”. Plus, meet the new manager of the mountain who shares fun facts about this iconic landmark.

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Episode 83: Digging Deep


Our parks and open spaces are the best! Right now, we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of our trails, open space and parks sales tax program, called TOPS for short. During this episode, we talk about the preservation and stewardship of our favorite places with our city’s archaeologist. Did you know we have a city archaeologist? Her job is awesome and so is she! Hope you’ll join us for the conversation. 

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Episode 82: Keeping It Clean


When residents call 911, they shouldn’t always expect a fire truck and ambulance to show up with sirens blaring - and that’s a good thing. Hear from the Colorado Springs Fire Department’s Deputy Chief about new community medical response units that are going to less emergent calls in order to get the patients the right care. These latest changes impact our entire community! 

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Episode 81: Changing our 911 response


When residents call 911, they shouldn’t always expect a fire truck and ambulance to show up with sirens blaring - and that’s a good thing. Hear from the Colorado Springs Fire Department’s Deputy Chief about new community medical response units that are going to less emergent calls in order to get the patients the right care. These latest changes impact our entire community! 

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Episode 80: Ending Veteran Homelessness


Colorado Springs is one of the most desirable places to live, but with all the buzz and growth comes challenges. One of those is affordable housing, including for those exiting homelessness. A local Navy veteran shares his personal story during this important conversation about how the city is working to end veteran homelessness. Plus, learn about other programs designed to help our community’s most vulnerable find resources and homes.

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Episode 79: Let's talk sports


Now is a great time to try a new sport! There are lots of great opportunities for adults and kids to play in Colorado Springs! Find out what makes our programs unique and worthwhile.

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Episode 78: Farewell Chief Niski


Episode 78: Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski is about to retire after more than three decades with the department. He reflects on his career, recent challenges, the past and future of the department and his love for Colorado Springs. 

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Episode 77: Celebrating Engineers


National Engineers Week is a great time to shine the light on our city’s engineers and their impact on the quality of life in COS! This conversation with our City’s Engineer will likely give you new appreciation for engineers and get you excited about the projects underway in our community.

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Episode 76: Get ready for the winter games


The Olympic games kick off in Beijing on February 4th and we’re celebrating here in Olympic City USA! In addition to having a big bash in downtown Colorado Springs, we’re also sitting down with four-time Olympian Kara Winger. She tells us all about javelin, her experience as the United States’ flag bearer at the Tokyo closing ceremony, and why she loves living here!
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Episode 75: One team, one fight


Colorado Springs Police officers are teaming up with a group called PAL (Police Activities/Athletics League) to make an impact in Colorado Springs. Hear from Officer Menter and “Coach Lev” about the program, how they hope it grows, and why they’re helping more than just young athletes.

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Episode 74: Cheers to 40 years


Whether you live right near one, or didn’t even know that our city has community centers … this episode is for you. Hear the great story about the founding of Meadows Park Community Center and find out what’s happening to celebrate the 40th anniversary!

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