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Thank you for wanting to include us on such a special day. One of the best joys of being a police officer is the opportunity to engage and connect with the community we serve. In early 2020, life as we knew it changed almost overnight. With these changes, we had the unique opportunity to bring first responders together from all over the community to help celebrate with birthday parades.

As we all continue to safely move towards this “new normal,” we no longer have the ability to support birthday parade celebrations. While we would love to continue providing this service, our patrol officers no longer have the time in their day to help us fulfill the dozens of requests that come in daily.

We know it may be disheartening that we unfortunately cannot physically participate in a drive-by parade; however, we would still like to help you celebrate. If you are comfortable providing your address, along with your child’s full name, we would love to send them a personal birthday card on behalf of the police department.

Application for CSPD Personal Birthday Card