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VIN Verification Services

Volunteers through the Colorado Springs Police Department’s CAPS (Community Advancing Public Safety) Program will provide vehicle VIN verification services on a limited basis at Police Department substations. VIN Verification Service is offered for vehicles, trailers, RV’s and campers needing to be registered in Colorado ONLY. CSPD does not offer renewal verifications for any other State. Please bring registration and title in paper format only with you. This VIN verification service is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM and is subject to volunteer availability.

It is recommended citizens call the station before proceeding to the location to verify a volunteer is on duty.

Individuals seeking VIN Verifications with trailers, RVs, and campers please report to either to Gold Hill, Sand Creek or Stetson Hills ONLY. Must bring RV, trailer or camper with you. 

  • Gold Hill Station, 955 West Moreno Ave: 719-385-2100, press #3
  • Falcon Station, 7850 Goddard Street: 719-444-7240, press #3
  • Stetson Hills Station, 4110 Tutt Blvd: 719-444-3140, press #3
  • Sand Creek Station, 950 Academy Park Loop: 719-444-7270, press #3

NOTE:  If there are no VIN-verification volunteers scheduled to work on a particular day at a Police substation, that substation will not provide VIN verification service.  In that case, VIN verification services can be obtained by using one of the following alternatives:

  1. Return to the substation on a different scheduled day.
  2. Go to another substation that has a VIN volunteer available.
  3. Go to a car dealership or service station that offers this service, which may be subject to a fee.