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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The traffic calming program is designed for residential and collector streets with posted speeds less than, or equal to, 30 mph. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan is focused on traffic calming measures for existing streets (retrofits), as new streets are designed in accordance with City design and safety standards.

Neighborhood traffic calming intends to:

  • Reduce motor vehicle speeds and/or volumes
  • Influence patterns via physical design features
  • Promote quality of life in residential & commercial areas
  • Increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists

Some additional traffic operations treatments may be considered as traffic calming measures and can include:

  • Stop sign installation
  • Speed radar trailer, and/or
  • Speed limit enforcement efforts by local police

Are speeding, cut-through traffic, and/or traffic accidents a problem in your neighborhood? 

The Neighborhood Traffic Management team can determine if a traffic study is needed. Your neighborhood may qualify if:

  • Traffic volumes exceed 33% of typical conditions on a particular residential street, and
  • Statistical travel speeds exceed 10 mph or more above the posted speed limit, and
  • The neighborhood street is NOT an arterial roadway. (See the Major Thoroughfare Plan if you are unsure.)  

To submit a traffic management request for your neighborhood, please submit a request via GoCOS!

If traffic issues are validated, there are several low-cost options for traffic calming: