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1. Sign up for Alerts

Peak Alerts will notify you of emergencies and natural or man-made disasters such as missing persons, law enforcement activity, evacuation notices, and more. 

Sign up for Peak Alerts

2. Know Your Zone

Know whether you are in an impacted area during a wildfire evacuation or other emergency situation. Enter your address into the search bar and write down the zone of your home, work, school, or places you visit often.

Find your Zone

3. Make a Plan  

Use the following resources to make a plan to keep your family safe.

Be Wildfire Ready

Prepare for All Hazards in the Pikes Peak Region

Tell us what you call your neighborhood zone!

As a part of COSready, the City's KnowYourZone map includes a "Commonly known as..." name to help others be sure that they find the right zone and receive the right information in case of an emergency.

And let us know what you call your zone, so we can use familiar names in case of an emergency!

Name Your Neighborhood Zone

Behind the Springs Podcast: Get COS Ready

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