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Program for Ensuring Operations and Maintenance of Private and Public Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs).  

Since 2002, the City has required BMPs for new construction or redevelopment in order to treat stormwater runoff from the site and required maintenance of the BMPs. In 2008, a requirement for inspections was added to ensure the BMPs are working properly and being properly maintained. The program is currently an addendum to the City's Drainage Criteria Manual, Volume 2.  

The program requires the owner of a new development with a permanent BMP to enter into a Maintenance Agreement (MA) with the City of Colorado Springs ensuring the owner will inspect and maintain their BMP. The MA binds the owner and all future owners in perpetuity to maintain their BMP and gives the City the authority to maintain the BMP if the owner fails to at the owner expense.  

The owner is also responsible for submitting an annual inspection and copies of all inspection and maintenance forms by May 31st of each year to the City of Colorado Springs.  

BMP Operations and Maintenance Class

For a list of training classes please click here.

The IM plan consists of the following documents:  

Statement of Authority document

Title Sheet - Stormwater Best Management Practices Inspection and Maintenance Plan
Appendix A - Description of Stormwater Facility and Inspection and Maintenance Procedure
Appendix B - BMP Facility SOPs (for each type of facility)
Appendix C - Inspection Form for each facility
Appendix D - Maintenance Form for each type of facility
Appendix E - Annual Inspection and Maintenance Reporting Form
Appendix F - Erosion and Stormwater Quality Control Plan/As-Builts (include as-builts once available)
Appendix G - BMP Maintenance Cost Estimates
Appendix H - PE Certification (once certification available).  

All documents can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link for the type of BMP being proposed below.    

Instructions for Preparing the IM Plan for the O&M Program 

IM Plan revised 10/22/13. Please see instructions for new requirements below.

All documents are included in each BMP link below:

Note: If proposed BMP is not listed, owner must create their own SOP, Inspection, and Maintenance forms. Please contact Jeanie Duncan at for more information.

Attention: As of May 2014 the City will not accept the Maintenance Agreement Worksheet when submitting the Inspection and Maintenance plan. Please note that that the Maintenance Agreement Worksheet has been replaced by a Statement of Authority document (SOA). The SOA will need to be completed by the owner and notarized. Please submit the hard copy original SOA when submitting a new Inspection and Maintenance plan. The information on the SOA document will be used to prepare the maintenance agreement.

PE Certification Checklist Guides      

For archived reference materials, contact Jeanie Duncan at 719-385-6017.