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Final Spring 2024 Service Changes

Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) implemented new service changes on April 28, 2024.  These changes include:

Route 18: MMT extended Route 18 from its the former endpoint at Boulder/Bonfoy, Bus Stop ID 2502 to a new endpoint at Eastlake/1912 Eastlake, Bus Stop ID 378. The frequency went from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. This includes the addition of six new bus stops along Union Blvd. near the intersections of E. Willamette Ave., E. Bijou St., and S. Parkside Dr. The bus stop at Boulder/Bonfoy was eliminated.

Route 38: MMT added two bus stops, one outbound and one inbound, to Route 38 near Union Blvd. and Dublin Blvd.

Independence Day Service:

MMT eliminated the additional two hours of added evening service on Independence Day and will operate regular weekday hour service on Independence Day.