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Relevant Plans and their relationship

While PlanCOS provides overarching guidance, numerous City plans provide additional detail required for PlanCOS’s implementation. Of particular importance are City transportation and infrastructure plans. These should be relied on to allow for and articulate specific transportation and infrastructure improvements, particularly if these plans are up-to-date and are reflective of the key elements of this theme. In cases where there is a discrepancy between plans, the vision identified within PlanCOS should be considered in the use and application of these plans.

Links to relevant plans are found below. See full list of plans: Appendix D.

City Adopted Corridor and Master Plans

City or Colorado Springs Utilities Adopted Plans and Criteria

Partner Entity Plans

Other Measures

Through the creation, implementation and update of publicly and privately initiated plans, it may be appropriate to track and measure additional indicators as it related to the Strong Connections vision and policy direction. Such indicators could include the following:

  • Traffic Operations: New projects should achieve a desired level of traffic operations.
  • Trail Connections: Completion of missing trail connections
  • Multi-modal Options: Number and extent of existing or planned modes available for a specific new development.