Essential Questions for City Initiatives

These essential questions should be considered as a tool to focus on and promote implementation of our Thriving Economy vision for applicable City initiatives (refer to Chapter 1):

  1. Support the overall focus of our Thriving Economy theme?
  2. Help attract new businesses in targeted industry clusters?
  3. Create or enhance a built environment with amenities that will help attract new, skilled talent to the city?
  4. Support the creation of new, high-paying, and livable wage jobs?
  5. Contribute to effective and efficient use of City resources?
  6. Provide for fiscal sustainability for the city over the long-term?
  7. Support or is it consistent with regional business attraction and retention efforts?
  8. Support the mission and role of the military in the city and region?
  9. Have a positive impact on the educational competitiveness of the city?
  10. Contribute or align with our goal of becoming a Smart Cities leader?