Relevant Plans and their relationship to PlanCOS

While PlanCOS provides overarching guidance, other City plans provide additional detail required for implementation of the Thriving Economy vision. Because it can be responsive to the particularly dynamic and rapidly changing nature of the economy and associated systems and technology, the City’s Strategic Plan will be of particular importance in supporting this theme. Likewise the plans of partner entities responsible for economic development should be relied on for more specific planning direction. Facility Master Plans such as the Airport Master Plan should be relied on to guide and implement our Thriving Economy vision for their particular focus. In the future Colorado Springs expects to have a Smart Cities Implementation Plan. Additionally, any capital improvements plans of the City and its enterprises and Colorado Springs Utilities through Utilities Board policy direction, should first be aligned with PlanCOS, and then relied on to assist in its implementation.

The adopted plans of the Colorado Springs Chamber and Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation should particularly be considered. Although not formally adopted by the City, these plans should be relied on to allow for and articulate specific recommendations if otherwise consistent with PlanCOS.

Links to the most relevant plans are found below. Other publicly and privately initiated master plans should also be considered to the extent they contain recommendations directly pertinent to furtherance of this theme. As existing plans are updated and new plans created, these plans should support the themes of PlanCOS.

In cases where there is a discrepancy between these supporting plans and PlanCOS, the vision identified within PlanCOS should be considered in the use and application of these plans.

See full list of plans: Appendix D

City Adopted Plans

Partner Entity Plans

  • Strategic Plan of the Colorado Springs Chamber and Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation
  • Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Joint Land Use Study Plan
  • Colorado Springs Destination Master Plan (Visit COS)
  • El Paso County Policy Plan (as amended)