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Essential Questions for City Initiatives

These essential questions should be considered as a tool to focus on and promote implementation of our Unique Places vision for applicable City initiatives (refer to Chapter 1): 

  1. Support the overall focus on our Unique Places vision?
  2. Add value and improve the keystone indicators for Unique Places, including use diversity, density, walkability, and support of enhanced transit? 
  3. Support the continued development/redevelopment of Downtown?
  4. Result in additional infill, development, or redevelopment in urban places?
  5. Provide a range of opportunities for transportation access, interconnection of urban centers, and enhanced demand and feasibility for multimodal transportation options?
  6. Include, result in, or support the creation of new or enhanced places for community interaction? 
  7. Enhance connections to and integrate with the city’s green infrastructure networks including trails, parks, and open space?
  8. Enhance, support, or incorporate the provision of “third places?”
  9. Support or incorporate cultural, historical, educational, and/or human service opportunities?
  10. Maintain consistency with and support adopted, applicable, and relevant subarea or topical master plans?
  11. Result in places that are adaptable, sustainable, and resilient?