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Stormwater Criteria

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The City of Colorado Springs stormwater criteria is written to fulfill the City’s regulatory requirements, including the City of Colorado Springs Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit (COS000004), the stormwater Consent Decree (ECF #181, Case 1:16-cv-02745-JLK USA et al v. City of Colorado Springs), and the 2016 Intergovernmental Agreement with Pueblo County.  The criteria is also set forth to protect public safety, ensure the long-term viability of stormwater infrastructure, and manage the City’s natural stormwater resources in a sustainable manner.

Engineers are encouraged to check the website often for updates to criteria.  To sign up for notifications of updates to drainage criteria, please send an email to Stormwater Criteria.

The City’s stormwater criteria is detailed in the following documents:

Drainage Criteria Manual (DCM)

The DCM contains criteria and processes related to public and private stormwater infrastructure including open channels, underground conveyance infrastructure, and Permanent Control Measures for water quality treatment and detention.  The City is currently updating the DCM.  Click below for more information.

Drainage Criteria Manual Update

Stormwater Construction Manual (SCM)

The SCM contains criteria and processes related to grading, sediment control, and erosion control during construction.  The SCM contains all criteria related to Grading and Erosion Control permitting.

Policy Clarifications

Clarifications and minor modifications to criteria are documented in Policy Clarifications.  Where conflicts or differences between Policy Clarifications and the DCM or SCM exist, the Policy Clarifications shall apply.  All active Policy Clarifications are posted below.

Project specific questions related to Stormwater Criteria should be directed to the project Lead Reviewer.  The Lead Reviewer for a project can be determined by opening the Public Works Stormwater -> SWENT Review Areas layer in SpringsView.  Call (719) 385-5918 for additional information.


Printed copies can be purchased from the City Office Services Division, City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada, Suite L01 (Garden Level), Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 719-385-5023.